With the golfing boom of the 60’s, Rowes Bay Country Club came of age.  In 1965 the Steering Committee of the Rowes Bay Country Club, (as in was known then), was desirous of having a golf club that was different from all others at the time, one that had “equal” rights for all, associates and members.

After a tremendous amount of work by many volunteers the first game of golf was played on Saturday 4th November 1967, when 78 members took part in the unofficial opening of the first 9 holes.  The final 9 holes to complete the 18 hole course – Par 72 was opened for play to commence the 1974 golfing season.

Rowes Bay Golf Club has since gained the reputation for its friendliness and hospitality and is now recognised as a dominant club in North Queensland.  All have played a huge role in establishing this reputation.

During 2017 Rowes Bay Golf Club celebrated 50 years of golf, a milestone that was celebrated to the hilt and for good reason; we have come a long way in 50 years!

Read more about Rowes Bay’s illustrious history in the “Celebrating 50 Years of Golf” Booklet, available for purchase at the Golf Shop.